A laptop is a crucial need for almost everyone in this world as a laptop can do anything that an android or ios phone can’t do. For example, a laptop can be used to create websites, logos, video editing etc. So here the most common things you should keep in mind before buying a laptop:

1-Choose A Size

A Laptop can be bought easily if you concentrate on your needs. If you need a laptop to do heavy gaming, programming, video editing or any other heavy tasks, then I will recommend you to buy a minimum of 17 inches laptop as you will enjoy everything on it without any screen issues. However, if you buy 17 inches or bigger laptop, it becomes non-handy and heavier than a smaller laptop.
After the 17 inches laptops, 13-15 inches laptops come in the list. On a 13-15 inches laptop, you can do medium gaming, video editing and make websites etc. They are handy and lighter as compared to 17 inches laptops. Due to their lightweight and small size, they can easily be transported from one place to another without any problems. As a result, handy laptops are also cheaper than the non-handy ones.

2-Ports & Features

Handy or small laptops come with at least two USB ports, and if you want more, then you can search for them in the market and can buy easily whereas non-handy laptop’s spare parts are not easy to find in the market. The latest USB 3.1 ports are rising in the market as they make the transfer speed much faster and safer than the USB 2.1 ports.
HDMI is one of the main useful features by which we can connect our laptop to and LED TV and enjoy watching movies, gaming etc. But the HDMI port comes in some of the laptops. In laptops where there is no HDMI port usually have a VGA port, and when you connect your laptop to an LED TV through a VGA port, then it doesn’t give better graphics. HDMI to VGA converters can be bought easily under $10, so it is not a big deal.


Before coming to a laptop’s performance, almost everyone checks its outer parts. But the main thing which matters is the RAM of the laptop. Before buying a laptop, you should check the generation of it as well as the generation of its RAM. I will recommend you to buy at least a 3rd generation laptop with at least 4GBs of RAM. But if you are looking for a much faster one, then you can go with an 8GBs laptop.
After the RAM, it is time to check the processor. I would recommend buying a laptop with at least Intel Core i3 processor because, in modern technology, Softwares are getting heavier and the processor should be brilliant enough to handle the usage. If you need better performance, you can buy a laptop with Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, or you can later upgrade the processor.


After that, you should check the laptop’s capacity. For better performance and speed, I recommend you to use an SSD instead of an HDD as an SSD is x5 faster than an HDD. For the operating system, you should have at least 120GBs of SSD or HDD.

5-Battery Life

With the size of a laptop, its performance and all other things, battery life also matter. 
The battery life of small laptops is from 2 to 3 hours if the brightness is low and you are using little usage Softwares. And the battery life of big laptops is from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. If you have replaced your genuine battery with another battery, it is known that its battery life gets low.


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