Online earning is the best method for me. It can be yours too. Today in this article, I will tell you how you can earn money from ppd websites.

What is a PPD Website?

A PPD website is a website on which you can create a free account and earn money by uploading files on it. Just like, you can upload files and make money, but MediaFire does not give you money.
A PPD website allows you to upload files on it and somebody downloads that particular file, you earn money. PPD websites have a fixed amount of rate. When you get 1000 downloads or more from the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada, you can earn $8 or more.
If a particular file is download 1000 times or more from other countries like Pakistan, India, Germany, you will earn $3  $6.

Best PPD Website To Earn Money?

The best PPD website which I will recommend to you is
earn money from ppd websites
You can easily register on this website by clicking on register. Fill in all the information and then click on Create Account. Once your account has been created, log into your account and upload any file. Once the file has been uploaded, please share the link of it to social media platforms or to your website where people can download it. 

And once you have earned $5 in your account, then it will be withdrawn able through Paypal (Worldwide), Paytm (India), or Esewa (Nepal). Your payment will be received within 24 hours, as mentioned on the website.


Do not download the file yourself, or your account will be suspended permanently, and if there is money in your account, it will not be given to you.

Best Method To Get More Downloads:

The best method which I think to get more downloads is through a website or a blog. For example, you create an article on a blog about Best Video Editor for PC, and you share the link of the software installer to that article, it will get downloads. If you want more downloads from your website/blog, then your website/blog should be ranked on search engines. Otherwise, you will not get much traffic on it, and as a result, you will get fewer downloads. To start a blog in 10 – 15 minutes, you can go to this link
You can go to this link and start a blog, rank it on google, and earn money through many methods. You can also promote your download links by showing advertisements on other websites, YouTube channels, or in android/iOS applications. But I will not recommend you to do this because it will cost you money to show ads.
Once your website/blog is ranked, you can earn money by sharing PPD website links, Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, etc. I will tell you in any next article that how you can make through affiliate marketing and other earning websites. 
So, guys, this is how you can earn money from PPD websites by just uploading files and sharing their links. I hope you liked the article!
Payment Proof. I’m his subscriber.


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