Google acknowledges Pixel Buds connectivity issues, promises fix

A Google worker has recognized the issues a few users are having with their Pixel Buds, 9to5Google reports. “I simply needed to tell every one of you that we’ve heard you,” the Googler composed on the organization’s support forums, “our group will be turning out programming refreshes in the coming time to improve Bluetooth security and network.”

The issues with Google’s Pixel Buds increased great attention a month ago, with users reporting sound patterns when utilizing the genuine wireless earbuds. For a few, the issues possibly sprung up if they measured their hand over their ear. In contrast, others encountered problems in any event, when utilizing the earbuds ordinarily. The issues have all the earmarks of being available across various firmware adaptations and keeping in mind that using the earbuds with a wide range of handsets.

The support representative didn’t give a precise time to when the update could show up. However, it’s reassuring to hear that Pixel Bud’s owners can expect that the circumstance should improve.

We, by and large, loved the Pixel Buds when we inspected them, because of their simple pairing and backing for wireless charging. In any case, they were a long way from perfect, with just healthy battery life and a design that could get awkward with expanded use.



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