Google Adsense is the best advertisement company to monetize your blog. Be that as it may, getting an Adsense account approval was the most significant issue for some bloggers. 
Numerous Bloggers were not able to approve their Adsense applications and got an Adsense rejection to show live ads on a blog. Presently, Google has changed its rules. Google makes it simple for bloggers to apply and get approval. 
In this Guide, I will instruct you to bit by bit that how you can apply for Google Adsense and can get an approved account in only a couple of days. On the off chance that you follow my recommendation, which I have partaken in this guide, at that point, you will get 100% approval for Google Adsense Account for your Blog. In any case, if not, I will help you by and by!

Eligibility Requirements For Google Adsense? 

Here are the qualification requirements to get Google Adsense Account:
  • You should have a blog or Website. 
  • Your blog must be in any language which is supported by Google Adsense. 
  • There must be some helpful and unique content on your blog. 
  • You should be 18 or more years of age. 
  • Your Blog must be following Google Adsense Guidelines and Policies. 

Steps to Apply For Google Adsense 

5 Steps to Create Google Adsense Account:
Stage 1: 
Make Sure Your Blog is following Adsense rules 
Stage 2: 
Create A Google Adsense Account 
Stage 3: 
Log in to your Google Adsense Account 
Stage 4: 
Connect your Site with Adsense (Add code to your site) 
Stage 5: 
Wait for the survey and Approval (Few days) 
Be that as it may, if Google rejects your application in any way, shape, or form, it will be referenced in your email. You have to settle that issue and re-apply once more, and your account will be approved. 

How to Make Your Blog Compatible With The Guidelines? 

Here are four zones to improve to make your site or blog perfectly with Adsense:

Easy to use Design 

Ensure that your blog has User-friendly and Adsense-accommodating pages. Your blog configuration must be perfect and well-organized. Try not to utilize the extravagant and full-width structure for your blog. 
A few times previously, One blogger came to me to get my assistance with AdSense approval. There were more than 500 posts on his blog. At the point when I checked his blog, I found that his Blog configuration was not Adsense-accommodating. 
We changed the subject plan of his blog, and he got approval for his Adsense Account in only a couple of days. He was utilizing a full-width driven format for his blog, which isn’t an Adsense-accommodating structure since there are relatively few arrangements to show promotions. 
For Adsense and User-accommodating structure, I prescribe to utilize Magazine Layout and Premium Themes as MyThemeShop or Thrive Themes

Great Content 

The rich content is one of the primary considerations to get Adsense Account approval. 
Ensure that your content is liberated from any spelling or linguistic mistakes. What’s more, It is giving helpful and genuine information to your audience. You can utilize Grammarly to abstain from spelling and linguistic errors. 
Utilize Rich Media like Images, Videos, and so forth to your Posts. Furthermore, use Headings, Sub-Headings, Lists to make your blog look in an appropriate arrangement and simple to peruse. Additionally, break your content into little paragraphs to improve the look of your content. 
Attempt to think of some long articles with 550-1250 words. What’s more, keep all your posts around 550+ words. It will build your odds of Adsense approval ordinarily. 

Pictures and Media 

Including Images and other media in your blog posts is extraordinary compared to other things to improve your blog commitment. 
However, it could be destructive to you if you are utilizing copyrighted media and pictures on your blog or site. At that point, you can’t get approval from Google Adsense.
Copyrighted methods mean you’re utilizing somebody’s media without his/her authorization.
Numerous bloggers get rejected for the copyrighted content that they are utilizing in their online blogs or sites. 
You should utilize copyrighted free media or imaginative authorized media on your blog, to maintain a strategic distance from any issues identified with Copyrights. 

Clear Navigation 

Give a Clear Navigation System on your Website or Blog for your Visitors. Clear Navigation causes clients to discover or visit a page effectively and utilize our Blog more reliably. 
That is the reason Google Takes it Serious when exploring Adsense applications. Along these lines, you ought to give an unmistakable and straightforward to utilize Navigation Structure on Your Blog. 


Profit with Google Adsense is the dream of each new blogger, in the wake of beginning a blog. Be that as it may, many can’t make it a reality, for specific reasons. Be that as it may, If you are one from them and incapable of getting Adsense Account approval, then this guide is for you. Follow these tips and get approved Adsense to monetize your blog. 
What are your procedures to get Adsense Approval, and How is your involvement in Google Adsense? Submit your considerations and encounters in the comments section below!


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