Hello. I will tell you some tips & tricks to get more youtube views. I’ve also got an idea to help all of you guys who struggle with subscribers & views which I will discuss at the end of this article.

So, you created your Youtube channel, you’ve been posting videos for a while, but you’re not getting a lot of views. YouTube recently change their algorithm when it comes to advert so you can’t earn any money from ads unless your channel hits 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in 12 months.

This makes things really difficult for many YouTube channels which struggle with views. Still, you’re only missing out on around $10 as this is a rough estimate of how much you can get for 10,000 views so your YouTube career will not end because of this tip number one and this is one of the most important things to remember.

The thumbnail if you want to use, you need to make people click on your video. You can make someone click in many different ways. I always concentrate on the colours I use in my writing and also the background so that if my video I put in a suggestion list, the viewer’s attention goes straight to my thumbnail. 

For my new video, I’m using a similar layout to my previous video, which works very well with over 25,000 views in less than two days. The bright white writing stands out well on the colourful background and the small image showing the view count going up.

 It’s also apparent, so you knew what the video was about even before reading the actual title. This is what I aimed for in my previous video as well as it did the job. So make sure the writing use catches attention. Under colours, I recommend a bright green-yellow with black outlines and red. These colours are proven to grab attention. So strongly recommend you take advantage of this.

So the next step is a bit easier than the first one. Decide to make sure your video has a short and catchy title, and you don’t want it to be too long because people will not be bothered to read it. Use capital letters when appropriate and make sure you get your keywords in the title. For example, my last video was about getting YouTube subscribers fast, and that’s what you could find in my title.

Didn’t make it too long, and I’ve used capital letters to make the keywords stand out. If you take advantage of this, you definitely see results. It will be easier for the viewer who identifies what your video is about. You can use tools like YouTube tags generator to help you get your keywords right. This is important because you want your video to appear. When people look for the keywords you talked about in the video, make sure you use as many possible to take advantage of this.

So, guys, I hope you now know how you can get more views on your YouTube videos. See you in the next article!



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