How To Promote Website On Google For Free: Top 5 Ways

Believe it or not, Google is the search engine which is the most reliable and the most used search engine in the world. Almost 70% of the searches from around the globe come from Google, and as a blogger, I will explain to you the top 5 methods of how to promote website on Google.

I have provided the best five ways to rank top on google below and how to promote website on google for free.

Almost all of you know that millions of users create websites and blogs, and they write content. But not all of them get to rank on top of Google.

As I said that millions of users write unique content, but not even 80% of total content gets viewed by anyone. That means that just writing unique and quality content is not enough to rank on the top and get traffic.

The factor that matters is the promotion of your website or blog that sends signals to Google Search Crawlers that the website has unique content, and it would be best for the viewers. It means that the website which is successfully crawled by Google Search Crawlers would rank on the top 10 ranking pages.

Do you think that out of billions of web pages, your page will rank on Google top 10 ranking pages? It depends on how much traffic you have got by promoting your website.

Promotion of Website

In this post, promotion does not mean that you will have to pay to rank on google or get traffic. Promotion here means that you will get organic traffic, and it will help your website rank on Google and other Search Engines on the internet.

You can promote your website by paying, such as on Google AdWords, where you run advertisements to promote a website or business. But here, we are going to discuss how to promote website on Google for Free.

So let’s cover the top 5 ways by which will surely help you in promoting your website.

Search Engine Optimization 

I have seen many new users who created their website for the first time get scared of the word SEO. When I started my first blog with WordPress, I also didn’t know anything about SEO, and my blog got no traffic.

But in reality, SEO is not a very big thing to do. It is nothing more than the regular terms to follow when writing a post for your website or blog.

If you are following both On-Page and Off-Page SEO when writing a post/article, you have completed the SEO basics.

Targeted Keyword Related Content

Writing content around the targeted keyword is the most crucial key to rank on top of Google. Suppose you have written a unique blog post on the topic “How to start a blog” and have done all the SEO methods successfully. But that is not going to work.

The keyword “How to start a blog” has so many competitors worldwide, and without luck and help of ALLAH (GOD), no new user would be able to rank its blog post on How to start a blog.

If you want to find low competition keywords with good search volume, I would recommend Ahrefs (Paid). If you’re going to get a free keyword finder tool, I would recommend the Google Keyword Planner.

In the above image, you can see that the keyword “top-earning blogs” has a low competition and an average monthly search of 390. It means that this keyword is suitable for new users.

So pick a keyword for your blog post and put it in the title, URL, headings, and middle of your content to complete the SEO standards.

If you complete the SEO standards for your blog post, your post will automatically be indexed by Google Search Crawlers, and the blog post will rank in the top 10 pages when the focus keyword is searched.

Find Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most beneficial ways to promote your website by building backlinks. In easy words, backlinks are the links by which a user can come to your website through another website.

Find a website related to your website with good traffic and domain rating. Ask its owner to write a post for their website and link/s in the post.

If the website owner allows you to write a guest post, you will get promoted and get traffic when a visitor on their website clicks on the link that refers to your website. You will also get backlinks for your website, which will increase your domain rating.

I will let you know one crucial thing about guest posting. On the internet, there are only a few websites that offer free guest posting. The rest are paid.

Some free ones may also queue your guest post for about a month. So you will have to be patient and not lose hope.

Build Inbound and Outbound Links

You have ranked your website on the top 50 pages of Google by doing all the above steps. And that is an outstanding achievement at the starting point.

You will have to build more backlinks to increase your domain rating and rank higher on Google. So, you will have to create inbound and outbound links.

When you create backlinks for your blog post, your blog post’s URL rating will increase, increasing your website’s domain rating, and eventually, your blog post will result in ranking higher on Google.

Before building backlinks on websites, make sure that their Domain Rating (DR) is 50+.

Share your Articles on Social Media

Nowadays, about 70-80% of people on social media platforms share their content and get a lot of traffic from them.

If you used Google Ads, imagine how much you would have it to pay for the advertising. The best part of social media is that it’s free to share our content and get traffic.

When a new user starts a blog or a website, almost everyone shares their content on social media, and I’m sure you do that too. But the one who doesn’t, I will let you know that Google likes those websites which get traffic from social media.

When a user from social media goes to your website and engages in it, Google automatically gets to know that your content is valuable and worth ranking in Google’s top 10 pages.

Facebook Page and Groups

While writing this article, I found out that Facebook has an active user base of around 2.7 billion.

First of all, create a Facebook Page for your website and upload the link to every post you wrote.

You can always invite your friends to like your page to get some followers. Moreover, join groups related to your website niche (topic) and share your post’s link there.

Let’s say that you have a blog related to beauty. Join a group related to beauty on Facebook and if you are eligible to share links, share your post’s links.

But if you don’t get much traffic from Facebook and share your blog’s post’s links, you might get reported again and again, and if you do get banned, you won’t longer be able to share your website’s links on Facebook or any of its products.

Twitter Shares

Twitter is the 2nd most trusted social media platform after Facebook, and all the leaders from the world are active on it. It has an active user base of about 330 million, and the users on Twitter are more eager to learn and more content seeker.

You can create a profile on Twitter of your name or your website’s name. The choice is yours.

After creating your profile, you can start sharing the links of your blog’s post on it. If users like your content, they will follow you on Twitter, and it will help you get even more traffic than Facebook.

You can also use (Hashtags) # on a Twitter tweet to promote your shared links more quickly, and whenever users search a hashtag which you have put with your link, the chances of your post’s link to be shown will increase.

YouTube Channel

There are more than 31 million channels on YouTube, and it is also known as the second-largest Search Engine on the internet.

Suppose you have a beauty website or any other website like blogging, freelancing. You can start a YouTube channel and begin giving tutorials on blogging or makeup etc.

Many YouTubers around the globe have started their channels and are promoting their website through YouTube.

Later on, if your YouTube channel gets eligible for monetization, you can also earn a lot of money from it. Many channels are making thousands of dollars every month from YouTube channels.

Submission of Website

The above methods on how to promote website on google for free are more focused on the website’s content.

You should know that there is not only one search engine on the internet. There are many others. The most popular of them is Google and then Bing.

You can submit your website to search engines other than Google and tell them that you have published something and are waiting to get traffic.

Here is a bonus from me to you all.

Go to this website: Free Web Submission, and it will submit your website to more than 60 search engines, and you won’t have to submit manually.

So, guys, that is all, and I hope you are now clear about how to promote a website on google for free. If you have any queries, you can contact me.


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