All of you maybe are trying to install an SSD in your computer or laptop, but you are getting confused that which one should I buy? 
So in this article, I will tell you that is buying Kingston 240GB SSD worth it? 

What Is An SSD?

An SSD (Solid State Drive) is a storage drive that you can install on your PC or laptop. SSD is just like HDD (Hard Disk Drive), but it is much faster than the Hard Disk Drive. When you buy an SSD, your PC or laptop’s performance gets way too good. 
I have a Western Digital 500GB HDD and a Kingston 240GB SDD. When I performed a speed test of the WD 500GB HDD, I got the overall speed of 115MB/s. But when I inserted the SSD in my laptop, I got 557MB/s, and that is a huge difference. I wanted to show you the proof by uploading screenshots of the speed, but I deleted the screenshots earlier. You can also search on youtube about the speed of SSD vs HDD, and you will find that an SSD is much faster.

For Which Purpose Should You Use An SSD?

Depending on your requirements, you can install an SSD. If you are looking for an SSD for your operating system, I recommend you to buy a 120 or 128 GB SSD because it will cost you less and you will fulfil your requirements. And if you are looking for an SSD for both operating system and files storage, I recommend you to buy 480 GB SSD or more. 

Where To Buy An SSD?

You can buy an SSD from online stores like Amazon and eBay, or you can buy an SSD from local markets. If you don’t want to go physically to a shop and buy an SSD or you have any other issue going to a shop, you can buy easily from online stores, but it is recommended that you buy an SSD from local shops. Local shops will give you an SSD a lot cheaper than the online ones, and it is recommended that if you want any electronic thing, you should buy it from any local shop. 

Which Is The Best Brand of SSD?

According to me and other people’s reviews, I found out that you should buy either a Samsung SSD or a Kingston SSD. You can buy SSD of any other company, but according to my research, Samsung and Kingston are the top 2 brands of SSD.
They are the top 2 because they are trusted, and they usually come with either a one-year or either a two-year warranty. Sometimes, the SSDs come with more than two-years of warranty. Samsung SSDs are much reliable than the Kingston ones.
Samsung SSDs speed is a little bit faster than the Kingston SSDs. But Samsung SSDs are a lot expensive than the Kingston SSDs. Overall, I recommend you to go and buy a Kingston SSD because its performance is outstanding and its price is right according to its specifications.
So guys if you are looking for an SSD, you should buy a Kingston SSD, and it is recommended that you buy at least 120GB SSD. And according to the title, it is worth purchasing a Kingston SSD. See you in the next article!


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