Microsoft Teams now lets you upload your own photos as background images on video calls

It may not make that early Monday morning video call increasingly fun. However, Microsoft Teams will currently let users upload their photographs for custom backgrounds, the company reported in a blog post. Custom pictures and other background effects are just accessible for planned Teams meetings, Microsoft says. 

Teams have a background blurring effect and a library of pre-introduced pictures to permit meeting members to disguise their uncertain home workplaces. It’s despite everything playing finds rival Zoom, which has seen gigantic development during the coronavirus pandemic (despite various security issues), as individuals have been working and tutoring remotely. 


Zoom as of now permits the utilization of custom pictures for meeting backgrounds. Microsoft said that Teams saw an energetic uptick in clients during the pandemic too and has kept on turning out new specialities. 

One alert about utilizing background pictures in Teams: the company says utilizing a blurring effect or a custom picture may not restrict others on a video call from having the option to see harmful information. 

In addition to the custom pictures, Microsoft likewise revealed some new specialities for free users, including the capacity to plan gatherings and convey welcomes rather than simply utilizing the “Meet Now” option. Free users of Teams additionally would now be able to add live subtitles to their calls. Furthermore, Microsoft says it’s adding Pride-themed pictures to its collection of custom Teams backgrounds, which will start turning out June 16th.


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