Secret AdSense Approval Tricks in 2021 for Bloggers

I’m guessing that you are a new blogger or planning to start a new blog, and that’s why you are reading this post on AdSense Approval Trick.

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Many bloggers worldwide have started their blogs, but many haven’t monetized their blogs yet. Some of them are looking for Google AdSense, and that includes you.

A lot of bloggers get rejected when they try to get AdSense approval from the AdSense approval team.

So in this post, I’m going to guide you about how to get AdSense approval and bypass the rejections legally. And in the future, you will get to know the reasons why your blog is not qualifying for Adsense approval.

The tricks I’m going to tell you to get AdSense approval will work whether you are using Blogger or WordPress for your blog.

I applied the tricks for my blog to get AdSense approval as fast as possible, and it worked right away. Isn’t it great?

Google AdSense approval team or bots view your application, and it takes time. So don’t tell me that you want Google AdSense approval in just 5 minutes. Just kidding, haha!!!

Hold on, and let me bring you one step closer to your dream of earning with the most popular advertising company called Google AdSense. I will also show you my earnings screenshot of Google AdSense.

A Custom Domain

When applying for Google AdSense, you will have to make sure that your blog contains a custom domain and not a subdomain.

A domain like is an example of a custom domain. 

You can know what custom domains are here.

Unique and Good Length Articles

Blogging is about having posts on your blog. And if you want to apply for Google AdSense, you will have to write articles that comply with Google AdSense policies.

A blog that you want to connect to Google AdSense should have unique articles with a length of at least 500 words.

And make sure to write at least 12 posts before applying for Google AdSense.

You can check if any of your articles have copied or plagiarized content in it with Grammarly. You can also correct your English grammar with the help of Grammarly.

Responsive Design

A blog should have a responsive design not just with Google AdSense but also without it. Responsive design is a very crucial thing for your viewers to read the content.

You can search on Google for responsive themes for your blog. If you are on WordPress and you are looking for a responsive theme, you can get it from here

Blog Niche

Your blog niche should not violate Google AdSense guidelines as AdSense strictly says that your blog should not contain any pornographic or drug type content and some other topics.

The topics that Google AdSense strictly prohibits can be found here.

Blog’s Pages

Almost every blog worldwide has about, privacy policy and contact page. You should create them too if you want to get AdSense approval quickly. 

So the methods you should use to get AdSense approval are above, and I’m sure now that you will now get Google AdSense approval very quickly if you follow those methods. Thanks for reading!!



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