The two most popular methods to create a blog are via Blogger or WordPress. And before starting a blog, everyone thinks that “which platform should I choose?”
Going for a domain is fun. However, you have to determine positive things for yourself from a professional angle. In case you are a starter, it is cautioned continuously to decide for bloggers. In case you are serious about your blogging, then you are counselled to choose the WordPress self-web hosting area, and there are many different WordPress web hosting offerings to buy. You could enjoy the power of WordPress with these self-hosted blogs.
Well, each of them is impressive running blog systems used broadly all over the globe. If you are a newbie seeking to find out the successful platform then there are various for making a blog, you might be thinking and anticipating an answer as to which one is the first-class guess for you.
Although the blogger won more reputation early on, WordPress is also one of the various first-class cms available at the net. Bloggers can create unfastened blogs on or run their blogs on their very own domain names, by way of utilizing the WordPress cms. 

Critical Differences Among WordPress and Blogger

Some of the differences between Blogger and WordPress are listed underneath:

Domain Names



You can take a domain for free, or you may purchase one through the Blogspot interface or through And, all over again, free blogs are created as sub-domain names with URLs like 


The blogger will have to pay an amount to buy your own domain in the paid service. However, you may create unfastened blogs on in the form of a sub-domain like




It has an updated dashboard design. More significant functions can be utilized, but to make use of them all, it is compulsory to enable javascript. 


The dashboard in WordPress increases the rate for the dial-up customers to effortlessly post an article without going through an excessive amount of issue, or losing time. 


In case you take the suggestions of 100 bloggers on which platform to use – Blogger or WordPress, then the chances are excessive that 90% of them will blindly say WordPress. Initially, Google does now not consider meta-tags and keywords. Some other factor is blogger owned by way of google makes things less complicated to guide blogger blogs. As there are some more significant modifications to come within the future, you will be secure if you are inside google’s product. 
On your statistics, there are lots of blogger blogs rating inside the top page in Google for numerous key phrases. However, you don’t see too many blogs ranking excessive (of the direction we aren’t pronouncing that there aren’t any, yet instead we’re saying there aren’t many!). However, there are thousands and thousands of blogs set-up with the WordPress cms.

Customizing Themes



There are many blogger templates (subject matters) that can be custom designed with none trouble. You can edit the HTML and CSS at once. 



There are extraordinarily excessive numbers of unfastened WordPress themes available over the net. By using version of WordPress, you cannot fully customize the template, you may customize the alternatives or transfer to a brand new model.

Mobile Access 



You may get admission to the help pages of bloggers, but there’s no cellular-unique version. However, you can post your submit via sending SMS or MMS, for more facts to study this – http://www. 



You may be accessed through the cell on 



You could blog out of your mobile telephones or devices, and there are masses of 3rd party apps.


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